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To look forward, let’s first look back…

👯‍♀️ The Roaring Twenties followed the 1918 pandemic.

And the nightlife was epic! New music (Jazz), venues (Speakeasies), booze (Cocktails), dance-styles and fashions emerged, capturing the spirit of a new, prosperous decade.

✈️ The 1950s, following WWII…

Introducing my newsletter 🗞

I know I’m far from alone in saying that 2020 has been… challenging.

I’m someone with bias for action and making things happen, but since covid, a family health scare and being laid-off from a dream job, I’ve been forced to pause and reflect.

I’ve taken time to focus…

Starting Your New Year’s Resolutions? Still Hungover? I Can Recommend Taking A Break From Alcohol — Here’s Why & How

I didn’t write this to try to persuade anyone to stop drinking. I like drinking and don’t think alcohol is bad. I just wanted to share my experience of taking a break, something that was right for me to do at the time. …

In Real Life — Are What Memories Are Made Of

What was the most memorable thing you saw on Social Media yesterday?

This week? Month? Year?

For me, it’s one big blur of 1000s of photos & videos, news, questions, comments, outrage, memes, jokes, chats, event invites, humble brags/self-promotion (including my own), and ads.


And noise.

I think I…

(Leave The Phone At Home!)

I’ve started doing something recently: deliberately leaving my (i)Phone at home when I go out somewhere (I’m calling it ‘Leave The Phone At Home!’ or ‘LTP AH!’ for short).

For example, if I go to the playground with my son, I sometimes decide to LTP AH! Running down the shops…

Dan Fennessy

Father & Family 1st. Founder & CEO of PartyWith (Techstars ’17) — Bringing People Together

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